September 18 – 19 2024, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
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Wednesday 14 September – 11.30AM

Reference? What’s that, exactly?
Peter Aylett – CEDIA

Standards ensure consistency of experience, and the experience in a high performance entertainment space is defined by the totality of many different elements all coming together. This talk will discuss some of those elements that we do have control over from an engineering perspective, and how the new CEDIA Recommended Practices finally put peer-reviewed objective metrics, at four different levels, around many of the audio and video elements that dominate the user experience.

Thursday 15 September – 10.00AM

Home Technology Integration – Competence, Building Safety and Raising the Bar
Andy Reakes – Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS)

With the Building Safety Act now in force and the launch of the Building Safety Regulator later this year, there is a huge amount of work and focus on the skills, knowledge and experience of individuals working in people’s homes. In the AV sector, organisations are collaborating on how to raise the bar, improve safety, and enhance recognition of contractors that design, manufacture and integrate technology. We will take a look through what is likely to change and why you should take pride to show off your skills, training and experience in an industry which is better connecting families in the home.

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