September 18 – 19 2024, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
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EI Live! Tech Talk Series – Smart Infrastructure

What is smart infrastructure and how is it going to evolve?

The 3rd episode in the EI Live! Tech Talk series will be looking at what smart infrastructure means in today’s world and how this will evolve to keep up with our ever-increasing demands on communication and data. We will be discussing; physical v wireless in all its forms, widely adopted protocols and lesser known technologies. We will explore a wide area to local applications from ADSL to Z-wave.

The Host and moderator for this session will be Davy Currie.

Davy Currie is the Managing Director of Infracore Home Technology Consultancy, Founder of Infracore Group (a new start-up accelerator for the AV & Integrated Systems sector) and sits on a board as Non-Executive Director with two other home technology companies. A seriously experienced operator in our sector, Davy is a great asset to have on board for this endeavour and the others we have planned.

Mitchell Klein

Mitchell Klein is a leader in smart home and IoT, dedicating his career to educating the industry, creating and implementing strategic business programs and leading companies that helped bring smart home and custom installation into the mainstream. Mitch’s career has included systems integration management to business strategy and development, but above all he is a 30+ year industry veteran in IoT, consumer electronics, home automation, and the integrator market.


Cliff Stammers

Cliff Stammers, Managing Director of Clever Rooms Ltd, is an industry-leading creative and intelligent room solutions professional with over twenty years of industry experience behind him. Cliff’s predominant interest is in writing the bespoke software that currently drives the homes, hotels, yachts and offices of over a thousand projects around the world.

Mark Laird

Mark served in the British Army for 7 years as a communications specialist. He decided to leave the service and embark on a new journey leading him to form and develop Lairds of Troon realising the potential in Smart Homes/Technology and in particular Network security within the  Industry.  Mark also has his master’s degree in Network security. He has grown the business from a one-man band to a dedicated premises with a fully functional demonstration suite and a small but effective team that is continuing to grow. Mark has also continued to serve his country and local community by providing volunteer services as a member of the children’s panel to a volunteer Fire-fighter and also Team Rubicon.

Oli Morgan

Oli is a co-founding Director of Blend and has over 20 years’ experience working within the AV and IT industry. He has proven project and programme management skills in a wide variety of sectors including many high profile AV and IT infrastructure upgrade projects.