September 18 – 19 2024, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
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Hugo Fitzjohn, Meridian Audio

Hugo Fitzjohn, Educations Manager, Meridian Audio

Hugo will be explaining how to make multi-room audio more profitable. The talk asks questions such as ‘why install mediocre multi-room all over the house, when often it’s only really a few crucial high-quality areas that clients want?’

On-demand streaming services now account for more than 50% of our total audio consumption and provide a great opportunity for installers to significantly improve the experience for their customers whilst increasing profitability.

As an industry we should embrace how consumers choose to listen to music and move away from the more rigid, inflexible methods and set ups. Hugo will look at the size and shape of the market space and investigate common service providers and the options to integrate these services into multi-room systems.

Benefit from Hugo’s knowledge and learn how to keep clients happy and make more money.

Hugo’s session will take place on Tuesday April 30 from 13:45 – 14:30