September 18 – 19 2024, Farnborough Exhibition Centre
+44 (0)1634 673163

Wednesday 14 September – 15.00pm

KNX central to new building regulations
Paul Foulkes – KNX UK

In line with the recent changes to Buildings Regulations Paul Foulkes highlights how KNX is central to achieving these from both an economical and ecological standpoint.  He highlights the opportunities these changes are bringing to KNX Integrators, especially in view of the alternative solutions mentioned in the new Part O regulations.  He will also talk about the importance for Integrators to be involved at the early planning stage of each project to bring their expertise to overcome issues and to ensure client needs are met. If you are not yet a KNX Certified integrator, he will be telling you how to do that as well.

Thursday 15 September – 12.40pm

Cyber-attacks on smart building control systems
Iain Gordon – KNX UK

Iain discusses the potential for cyber-attacks on smart building control systems, what has happened to date, where the weak spots in a system are and how to ensure your clients security. KNX takes these threats seriously and has been ahead of the curve for some years with KNX Secure, but it is the responsibility of the individual Integrator to ensure each client’s installation is secure. The KNX UK Code of Conduct and Project Management Toolkit, provides support to Integrators and offers peace of mind to end-users.

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